Club Staccato: Final Show at El Mercado

club staccato THURSDAYS IN JUNE greenOk, if I really want to concentrate, I’m going to have to turn down this Bennie Green track, “We Wanna Cook,” and focus on the task at hand. For instance, I nearly titled this email “Last Night at El Mercado,” which, while arguably a little zingier than “Final Night at El Mercado,” could be a little confusing. I’m writing this on a Monday afternoon, and I don’t know what *did* happen at El Mercado last night, but that’s neither here nor there. I *am* planning to go down tonight and catch some Bill Kirchen with my pal Frank, but that is also only marginally tangential to the message at hand.

What *is* germane is that this Thursday, Club Staccato plays our final residency show before Eric leaves town for the summer. So if you’ve been *thinking* of catching our show, now is the time to make the transition from pensive philosopher to rugged individual of action, and take steps accordingly. Did I mention this is our last show of any kind as Club Staccato till the fall? I believe I did. And I meant it, too. We won’t be getting the band back together at some reasonable midpoint like the Shoney’s parking lot in Lenoir City, Tennessee, or even an unreasonable midpoint like the Flying J Travel Plaza in Texarkana (unreasonable because Arkansas is no kind of midpoint between Austin and Portand, Maine, not because there’s anything inherently unreasonable, to the best of my limited knowledge on the subject, about the Flying J Travel Plaza per se).

Nope, this is it, for now. So come on down, have the queso, pick up one of our live CDs if you simply *must* have some Club Staccato to get you through the summer, and we’ll see you in a couple of months.


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