Guerro’s & El Mercado

Club Staccato, my band with fellow songwriter/guitarist/singer/New England native Eric Bettencourt, will be playing tonight’s Sun Radio live broadcast from the Guerro’s courtyard. We go on at 6pm, followed by guitar monster Will Knaak at 7pm. You can also hear the show live at 100.1FM or stream it at, but before you kick back in the comfort of your own front seat going 2 miles an hour down Lamar at rush hour, ask yourself this: does your car have queso? I thought not. My advice? Plan accordingly.

We’ve got two more shows at El Mercado before Eric heads back to Portland for the summer. So catch us while you can – we’ll be there this Thursday, June 22nd, at 7:30pm. And if you were planning on a quiet evening on the back patio with a light, refreshing screwtop chardonnay, a six-pack of Twinkies and the Ghostbusters soundtrack on your iPod, ask yourself this: do your Twinkies have queso? As I expected. So again I say…plan accordingly.

That’s all I got. Hope to see you around and about…
Club Staccato lo-res couch


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