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Roy & David Return to Strange Brew

It was a pleasure and an honor to share the bill with one of my inspirations, Roy Book Binder, back in May. Everyone had such a good time that we’re doing it again, this coming Saturday, November 15th, at Strange Brew in South Austin. I play at 7pm, followed by Roy at 9pm. Roy is […]

Ivan Rosenberg

If I hadn’t just met and hung out with Ivan Rosenberg at Gerald Jones’ Acoustic Music Camp in Arlington, TX this past weekend, I would have wanted to meet him as soon as I read his liner notes to 2009’s The Hogtown Sessions. Living in Portland at the time, Rosenberg flew to Toronto with specific […]

Roy Book Binder

The town I grew up in had a pretty hip library; I heard Mississippi John Hurt, Ry Cooder, Duke Ellington, Guy Van Duser and Highway 61 ┬áRevisted all for the first time on library LPs. On weekday afternoons, after high school let out, I would drift up the few blocks from school to the center […]

Peter Keane

  I first met Peter Keane up at Columbia University in New York City, when we were both on the bill one night at the Postcrypt Coffeehouse. The Postcrypt was in a chapel basement and measured about 15 feet deep and 30 feet wide. It had stone walls, a tiny wooden stage and no P.A.; […]